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    Old Dunk's 'Tales From the Road'

    "...He rushed up to the lead vocal microphone, put his mouth around it and started to say “Check, mon....” in his strongest Trenchtown accent. A crackling sound ripped through the PA, his dreadlocks stood on end, and he leaped away from the microphone as if he’d been hit in the forehead with a sledgehammer."

    From High Voltage Rock and Roll
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    the jolly green e-type

    Car Stories and Other Stuff

    "...WHAM! The next thing I remember was standing by the back half of the car, heaving my guts out in the gutter. The front half of the car was some distance away. If I’d slid a couple of feet further before we hit, my legs would have been up there with it!"

    From The Great Concrete Truck Disaster of '77
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