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Home of Duncan Fry's LIVE SOUND MIXING book


It's Here ... the fully updated new Fourth Edition!

You can learn Live Sound Mixing for bands, churches, solo artists and more from this unique and best-selling hands-on book, now in its Fourth Edition

Bigger, fatter, completely revised and updated, with more words, more pix, more info, and still a whole lot of fun!

Everything you need to know, and nothing that you don't, written in a user-friendly manner that anyone can understand

"Without a doubt the best Live Sound book available today"

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The Fun Pages

A shocking time for Ron Rasta

Old Dunk's 'Tales From the Road'

"...He rushed up to the lead vocal microphone, put his mouth around it and started to say “Check, mon....” in his strongest Trenchtown accent. A crackling sound ripped through the PA, his dreadlocks stood on end, and he leaped away from the microphone as if he’d been hit in the forehead with a sledgehammer."

From High Voltage Rock and Roll
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More Geoff Crozier info just added

the jolly green e-type

Car Stories and Other Stuff

"...WHAM! The next thing I remember was standing by the back half of the car, heaving my guts out in the gutter. The front half of the car was some distance away. If I’d slid a couple of feet further before we hit, my legs would have been up there with it!"

From The Great Concrete Truck Disaster of '77
Click Here to read more. New Stories just added!

The Car Name Acronyms Page - What do those car names REALLY mean?


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